Passover 2019

Why is this menu different from all other menus?

For Jews, Passover is a special time, when relatives and friends gather to share in the joy of our ancestor’s redemption from slavery in Egypt. This “Freedom Festival” is the most widely observed and best loved of all the Jewish holidays. Food plays a quintessential role at Passover time, not just a peripheral one as with most other holidays. Indeed, the entire celebration revolves around the partaking or prohibition of specific foods. Whether you’re serving 2 or 102, we’ve got it all.

To place your order please call Howie directly at 845-531-9222
Place your orders by Monday, April 15th. Everything will be ready for pickup on Friday, April 19th or Saturday, April 20th before 5:00.
Pickups will be at our satellite kitchen, Mimi’s Kitchen, 928 S Lake Blvd, Mahopac.  Sorry, but we can’t deliver Passover orders.

Seder Plate
Our seder plate kit includes Roasted Egg, Maror, Shank Bone , Charoset , and Karpas 7.99
Our Homemade Charoset 7.99 / lb
Fresh Horseradish 4.99 1/2 lb

Hors D’Oeuvres
Baked Gefilte Fish ala Gersky 2.25 ea.
Chicken Soup with Hilda’s Matzoh Balls 7.99 / qt
Chopped Chicken Liver Platter
served with Matzoh Crackers 18.99

Matzoh Nut Stuffed Chicken Breast 8.99 / ea.
Glazed Beef Brisket and Vegetables 14.99 / lb
Cold Poached Salmon served with capers and our own
Dijon Dill Sauce 14.99 / lb
Fresh Turkey seasoned and in a roasting pan
ready for your oven 4.99 / lb
Herb roasted whole turkey –
Just heat, carve, and serve 5.99/lb (raw weight)

Matzoh Cheese Kugel – 35.00 Half tray
Apple Walnut Matzoh Kugel – 35.00 Half tray
Spinach Matzoh Kugel – 35.00 Half Tray *** NEW ***
Honey Glazed Carrots with Toasted Sesame Seeds  6.99 / lb
Oven Roasted Potatoes 5.99 / lb
Sweet Potato Tsimmes 5.99 / lb
Broccoli with Garlic and Tomato Concasse 6.99/ lb
Lemon and Olive Oil Grilled Asparagus 9.99 / lb
Hilda’s Matzoh Balls (approx. 1 oz. ea. – golf ball size) 4.50 / lb
Potato Pancakes 13.95 / dz

Fruit Compote 6.99 / lb
Platters of Finger Sized Assorted Homemade Passover Brownies and Cookies
12” serves 15 – 20 40.00    16” serves 25 – 30 55.00    18” serves 40 – 50 70.00

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